Service Management Suite

An ITIL Alignment for IT Service Management Platform

Perfectly for public services or massive services.
Its architecture designed to support vast or
nationwide access with optimized-AI engine.

SND Service Management Suite in general is an ITIL alignment service management tool design to support multi-language using UTF-8. The platform offering various authentication and privileges accounting such as local database user accounting, Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP, 3rd party DB accounting.The audit-trail to verify all account who accessed to platform by providing date and timestamp record, source IP address of client. The platform giving you capability to alert multiple channels such as traditional email trough SMTP protocol, SMS and modern channels such as LINE, WhatsApp mobile applications.

The Service Management Suite licensed you unlimited of users account to use the system, unlimited incident records, unlimited problem records, unlimited configuration items, unlimited knowledge records. This designed is to enable maximum of your business capability.

General Capabilities

User Accounting Management

Enable role base assignment
with hierarchy of staff level

Expert Web Portal

Use to store to facilitating user for
searching and keep conveniently

Data Analytics Platform

Analyze your work data and visualize
in the easiest way to understanding


Incident Management (IM)

Deal with unplanned interruption to your business, the process help business to restore its service as quick as possible. When a live production system has an interruption that impact user cannot utilize that production system to operate their works. User will make an incident request by contact to service desk agent people who response to this production system, giving them request to restore the production to normal status

Problem Management (PM)

Use to find out the root cause and looking for permanent resolution. Occurrence problem often appearing, unknown resolution of incident also appearing, the problem management package is your solution to eliminate unknown resolution, provide suitable workaround to keep business have way out and lower risk of unknown problem storing in error database.

Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM)

Superior suite application for enterprise to manage their asset and related information to the asset. Service asset and configuration management package is a great asset risk avoidance. In comprised with configuration management database (CMDB). The platform support automatically to transfer information between Network Monitoring and Inventory Management.

Service Level Management (SLM)

Deliver your services to customer within agreed time to increase satisfaction and keep business improvement for sustainable growing. Service Level Management (SLM) provides multiple service profile according to service catalog of the organization for various level of service type such as 24 hours within 7 workdays in a week or 8 hours business operation within 5 workdays in a week.

Knowledge Management (KM)

Store your knowledge information for troubleshooting and diagnostic for sustainable in future development. The platform provides knowledge dashboard to keep easier accessible and records also associated in incident and problem records for convenient of troubleshooting and problem diagnostic. The dashboard consists of ability to visualize a record which authorized user can click each record to access and view directly.

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